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Jews, Christians, and Muslims as Colleagues and Collaborators in the Abbasid Near East, Virtual Forum, October–December, 2020
Live Sessions: Jews, Christians, and Muslims as Colleagues and Collaborators in the Abbasid Near East (Virtual Forum)
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OCT 20
Gibson, Löhr, Schmahl, 'Communities of Knowledge ('
Sánchez, 'A Ladder of Heresy? Religion, Dhimmīs and Medicine'

OCT 27
Dang, 'The Zoroastrian Priests of the Islamic Era'
Molgaard & Golbeck, 'The Role of Traders in the Diffusion of the Indo-Arabic Numerical System in Antiquity'

Pimpinelli, 'For the Care of Body & Soul: The Greek Bible and an Arab-Islamic Botanical Text'
Schwarb, 'A Trans-Denominational Friendship in Late 14th-Century Aleppo'

NOV 13
Schmitt, 'Sleepy Animals: Barhebraeus on Sleeping and Dreaming Animals'
Basharin, 'The Ideas of Pseudo-Empedocles in Baghdad Mysticism of the 9th–10th Centuries'

NOV 24
Löhr, 'Off the Record—Networks of Lost Arabic Books'
Gareil, 'Interreligious Scholarly Collaboration in Ibn al-Nadīm’s Fihrist'

Grimm-Stadelmann, 'The Actuarios Johannes Zacharias (14th-Cent.) '
Alessi, 'Teaching and Learning by the Book at the Turning Point Between the Ayyūbid and Mamlūk Eras'

Bellettato, 'Talking with Enemies, Writing to Friends: Timothy I and the Construction of an Eastern Christian Response to Islam'
Jakob, 'Muslim Theology in Christian Apologetic Texts of Syriac Authors from the 8th and 9th Centuries'

Palombo & Hayes, 'Embedding Conquest: Naturalizing Muslim Rule in the Early Islamic Empire'
Mutter, 'Interactions between Syriac Christians and Muslims in the Early ʿAbbasid Near East: Ḥanpā as a Legal Category'

DEC 11
Gibson, 'Labeling Religious Affiliation in Ibn Abī Uṣaybiʿa's History of Physicians: A Quest'
Carlson, 'Indexing a Shared Knowledge Culture from Many Perspectives: HIMME'

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