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Neurodiversity Discussion Group
Making a timely connection to the theme of CogSci 2022 (“Cognitive Diversity”), the Neurodiversity Discussion Group will explore the theories, research practices, and attitudes of cognitive scientists concerning neurodiversity.

The neurodiversity paradigm recasts divergence from dominant conceptions of cognitive functioning (such as in autism or ADHD) as natural variation in human minds. In contrast, traditional theories of these conditions have typically been framed in terms of deficits or disorders. Such theories were usually developed without input from neurodivergent communities, relying instead on outdated and flawed conceptions, with both scientific and ethical consequences.

The Neurodiversity Discussion Group aims to redress this imbalance in the cognitive sciences by proposing, debating and planning ways to achieve two main aims: to communicate to the broader cognitive science community about neurodiversity in human cognition, and to promote neurodivergent-led research in the cognitive sciences.

The Group will be neurodiverse, welcoming both neurotypical and neurodivergent cognitive scientists (i.e., both those whose cognitive functioning aligns with what is often considered typical, and those who diverge from these norms), and will encourage dialogue between cognitive scientists who conduct research on neurodivergent conditions and representatives of neurodivergent communities.

The 90 minute session will be split between a panel discussion exploring questions about the cognitive science of neurodiversity, breakout sessions organised around the above aims, and ending with open discussion of concrete steps towards achieving them.
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